About Me


Well, I’m an eccentric human being (people said that). I’m a Mercedes-Benz W124 Enthusiast. Ich Lieben Musik!!!! Musik machen das welt weitergehen. I’m a guitarist, I play classic songs: Johann Sebastian Bach, Nicollo Paganini, W.A Mozart, Beethoven, Tarrega, Sagreras,etc. , Proclaro (Progressive and Classic Rock), and I love classic stuffs. My favourite band is Queen, I’m their huge huge huge fan.. Especially their guitarist Brian Harold May my inspiration. I like Yes too, their songs was stunning. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Rush, Classic Rock Bands <3. I like watching movies, especially a movie with mysteries, historic, long duration, Sci-fi and Adventurous. For example: Sherlock Holmes, The Da Vinci Code, Kingdom of Heaven, Sounds of Music (My Childhood Movie), Wizard of Oz, Transformers and Star Wars. I like reading too! Books and Music Sheets, Sherlock Holmes, Goosebumps, Secret Seven, and the most is The Escaped. A book written by an Indonesian Rizky Ridyasmara, this book reveals whom my great grandfather really is and it’s very important for me. I will post about this book later. I like to do some experiments about my interests in music, engineering, knowledge and mechanical.  I think that’s enough for now… Thanks


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